Till Death Do Us Part – Diorama

Me and my partner Violet got married this summer and wanted to bring a touch of KD:M to our day.

We fell in love with the Till Death Do Us Part kit, but as many of you know, trying to buy from the store before everything selling out is a battle in itself! Well, thanks to r/KingdomDeath we managed to get one!

The original plan was to have a simple wedding cake topper, but after deciding that we weren’t going to have a cake, I thought it’d be a great excuse to try build a diorama. Something I’ve always wanted to do.

I liked the idea of having the couple back-to-back, on a cliff edge, awaiting for monsters to appear from any direction.

One of the main features I wanted to have, was a real underlight.

– The stone face was purchased from Etsy, at Lightning and Lace.
– The light was a cheap desk lamp (that I took apart) from Amazon.
– The circular centre and surrounding rocks are sculpted by myself in Milliput.
– The standing stones are from our garden!

Primer done. I hadn’t painted anything in some time and this was to be my very first attempt at OSL (although, combining with the real light from the lamp helped a lot).

The scene was painted and ready for the models.

After much planning and hard work, our wedding day was amazing and the guests loved the diorama. We are both very fortunate to have amazing friends and families that support us and our (crazy) hobbies!


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  1. Awesome wedding pics, awesome diorama – you are not possibly also attending Larps like Conquest of Mythodea ?

    All the best,

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