Spidicules Build

Today was the day I fought Spidicules. I decided to painstakingly (and rather impatiently) re-joint all legs and fingers, so that he stands much more naturally.

Re-jointed fingers on the left, original on the right.

To give the illusion of being suspended and allow the survivors to stand underneath, I mounted the model onto a clear, 4×4 acrylic plinth. The body has a small pin holding it up, along with the feelers. Nothing is glued in place yet, so I can paint easily later.

The plinth was a custom order by Yaros over at http://hoverstand.co.uk
– 70mm long x 70mm wide x 55mm high
– 3mm thick laser polished edges
– Made from transparent acrylic (transmits 92% of all visible light, even better than glass)
– Cost around a tenner and arrived in about a week (UK)


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