Custom sheets & card organisers

At the time of creating these custom sheets I had just ended my first campaign, at Lantern Year 13. I’d learnt a lot from this first season of games and wanted to streamline the tracking elements, along with adding expansions for the first time.

The trickiest part was organising timeline events. I really wanted to design the layout so that it better represented our gaming sessions with a Hunt followed by a Settlement phase. To begin with, the infamous Lantern Year 0 prologue threw me off. After some help and a couple of revisions (thanks Reddit!), I’m now comfortable enough to use it going forward.

Reddit discussion thread here

You can get your hands on the printable PDF versions on the Downloads page.

All of my sheets were originally designed to be used underneath acetate with erasable (OHP) pens. For the timeline, settlement and resources I created large acetate pockets, glued onto thick black card. Above them, are angled shelves for Innovations and Settlement Locations.

The pens I use are available on Amazon

For character sheets, I was inspired by n4gol’s design on BoardGameGeek, but I also wanted to be able to store them away neatly into a binder. I really liked the original character sheet sizes (150mm x 150mm) and managed to find 6″x9″ Ultra Pro top-loaders, so the plan was to crop these and use them as thick acetate pockets that I could easily hole puncture.

It worked perfectly! I was surprised how sturdy and compact everything ended up being. My biggest fear was that the writing on acetate would be rubbed off when the binder is closed and handed around , but this was not an issue at all. The binder to store character sheets also stores the current campaigns Gear and Innovation deck.

The last addition was somewhere to place each character sheet when on a hunt. I made four foam-core panels, each with a clip to mount the top-loader and a tray to store gear cards. Finally, each panel has a small, removable disc that corresponds to a coloured miniature base to help keep track of who’s who. Since using this, we’ve also started to remove each disc to indicate that survivor has taken their turn.


  1. Where did you find those binders?
    Could we get more pictures of the binder and your you organised your character packages?

    1. Hi Renton56,

      The binder is from Amazon.

      I then got some 6×9 toploaders from Amazon and cropped them to the size of survivor sheets, rounded the top right and left corners and hole punched them so that they sit side by side in the binder.

      For storing the settlements gear, I used these sheets from Amazon.

      And finally just some standard trading card size wallet sheets.

      I’ve had about 20 survivors, 5 sheets of gear and 3 sheets of innovations all inside the binder with no issues. I’ll upload some more pictures for you soon.

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