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For my 33rd Birthday this year I booked a couple of days off work to spend with my newly wed wife, Violet and play plenty of Kingdom Death!

We started our third attempt at People of the Stars campaign and continued over the course of the long weekend. Our settlement was named Neverhollow Cavern.

There may be spoilers below…

Things started off well; a healthy population, slaying a couple of Lions and Gorms with minor casualties. We even managed to remove Gorm Climate by year 4.

It was the Butcher who despite having a rare opportunity to escape early on (sacrificing one survivor to lead him into the darkness), was followed by some very unlucky moments. He slaughtered our four best men and destroyed an unfortunate amount of resources.

We bravely pushed forth, fighting two new expansions for us; the Flower Knight and Spidicules. Both hunts were good fun and very challenging. We managed to win both, but not without several sacrifices.

On the last session of the weekend we decided to gamble the lives of our remaining survivors against a level 2 White Lion. During the hunt we caught the lion off-guard, distracted by something else.

To our amazement, we had drawn Quad Strike as a tactics card and got the chance to position ourselves into the perfect formation. Our survivors each Surged to cause a barrage of damage before the lion’s retaliation. We had slain the beast within minutes and returned to the settlement to celebrate furthermore, with the birth of two sets of twins. A perfect end to the perfect weekend.


  1. I think you might have played the tactics wrong. Only the person who drew the tactics card can do the action.
    I could be wrong, but dont think I am.

    1. Hi Michael,

      So due to the lion waiting for our first attack, we positioned ourselves in the tactics formation and had the single survivor who has the tactics card use Quad Strike (using survival). Which successfully knocked the Lion down and caused 1 wound. Then, all survivors get to attack the knocked down monster. All other survivors can then Surge for a second attack.

      So in total, there’s the Quad strike and then 7 attacks, as long as no Trap is drawn, etc. Which fortunately didn’t happen! Which may seem OP, but the chances of starting a turn in this formation must be very rare. For us it was only possible due to the Lion waiting to pounce.

      If we’re doing anything incorrectly please let us know!

      1. 100% correct. Sorry, it kind of read like all of you might have done the quad strike. But I forgot about the ‘knocked down’ bit explaining why it would not react. My apologies for assuming you might have done it wrong. You played it perfectly. 🙂

  2. Hi Sam,

    Your site is awesome – I’m sad to see you stopped updating it a long time ago 🙁

    I was wondering where you got that acrylic stand you’re using for Spidicules?

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